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Our experience and innovation in making the best of your property portfolio has placed us in many-a-clients' good books.

We know that renting can be such a trial and error situation sometimes, so we aim to present you with your best suited choices.

We're leaving an ever-growing trail of satisfied buyers and sellers in the market, and we come highly recommended.

There's a reason people come to us first...

In the haze of the real estate and property market, VV Properties stands out among many. We come highly recommended with a string of satisfied clients and investors. Even in the economic downturn, we helped people like you not only maintain status quo, but also gain a competitive edge, whether you were buying, selling or even renting. We make some of the best deals and creates some of the broadest smiles in the industry.

Buying a Property

We help people like you look for the best properties in the market for your budget, and buy them at the most affordable options. Whether this is your first time buying, or you simply want to experience service from the most highly recommended property professionals, talk to us and realise a world of advantages and helpful advice at your service.

Selling a Property

We know what buyers are looking for, the little nuances that other property agents overlook and why they leave your property spending weeks and months in the market. We don't leave any stone unturned, not only to get the best prices with quick turnover, but we also get you the best buyers so that you don't have to experience any stresses that normally accompany an exchange.

Short Letting

Whether you're the property owner or the short term tenant, we have a track record of so many satisfied customers that recommend us. So much that we rarely leave any property empty, and we always have a property available for you to rent. We also maintain best practices that ensure the properties under our management are always at the best they can be. It's always a win-win situation with VV Properties.


Renting does not need to be stressful business. We have the interests of our clients at heart and provide services that help you practically. We help with rent guarantees and other advantages, and our agents are friendly, helpful and committed to maintaining a stress-free arrangement every time.